With many thanks to Lindsey, I have been able to add high quality scans of Lily in the February 27 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. You can find the outtakes here.

I have updated the gallery with two new scans of Lily featuring in the latest issue of Vogue magazine. Make sure to check them out!

GLAMOUR – Lily James is an ASOS cover star, and in the new issue she talks all about playing a Disney princess in Cinderella.

The British actress, who is perhaps best known for her role on Downton Abbey, opens up about her role as Cinderella: “Playing a Disney princess is the most amazing, unbelievable thing… and on the other, it’s completely terrifying. I would say it’s a cocktail of every sort of emotion. Princesses are great role models, they teach you about grief loss and have big hearts.”

She also talks fashion with ASOS, recalling the time she sat next to Anna Wintour at a fashion show. “I’d had a couple of drinks beforehand so I was pretty relaxed… she was so nice,” she said.

“She cracked a few jokes and pointed out dresses that she thought I could wear to the Cinderella premiere. Honestly, she was really cool”.

As well as ASOS, Lily also features in US GLAMOUR’s March issue and talks about finding her real-life Prince Charming (she’s currently dating former Doctor Who star Matt Smith)

“As cynical as I can be, there’s always a part of me that believes in love and the fairy tale. But what I like about this film is that Prince Charming doesn’t just rescue a damsel in distress-it’s about two people who make each other better. That’s the fairy tale.”

She also spoke about the glass slipper, telling GLAMOUR US: “My foot was actually CGI’d into the glass slipper. It was made out of Swarovski crystal, and I was always terrified I’d drop it! I have big, ugly feet, so luckily I had a foot double.”

ASOS Magazine’s April issue is out 25 February and available online at asos.com/magazine.

Lily is featured in the March issue of W magazine. You can now find one high quality scan and a new photoshoot in our gallery. Enjoy!

I’ve updated the gallery with one scan of Lily in the March issue of Glamour (US) magazine!

Lily is featured in the March issue of InStyle magazine, with another beautiful photoshoot!

Magazine Scans > 2015 > InStyle US (March)

‘Cinderella’ is featured in the March issue of Glamour russia with a few new pictures from the film. You can find scans in our gallery!

Magazine Scans > 2015 > Glamour RU (March)

I have added one scan of Lily featuring in the March issue of Vanity Fair for their “Vanity Fair’s annual Hollywood portfolio” with ‘Cinderella’ co-star Richard Madden and director Kenneth Branagh. You can watch the video here.