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Good news, “Downton Abbey”-ers: If you don’t want to wait until the end of February to see the rest of Season 4 unfold, the show is being released on DVD and Blu-ray on Jan. 28.
And to celebrate the release, PBS Distribution is giving Yahoo TV readers an exclusive first look at one of the bonus features: a behind-the-scenes clip in which the crew shares a peek at just how hard they work to produce the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning series.

It takes 13 days to film one episode of the drama, executive producer Liz Trubridge shares in the clip, which means a whole day’s worth of filming produces four to five minutes of footage shown on screen, according to director David Evans.

A crew member also shares that the impeccable look of the series is a result of great attention paid to the smallest detail, including a commitment to making sure not a single hair is out of place among the cast.

Elsewhere on the DVD and Blu-ray releases, fans who are still shaken up by this season’s shocking storyline with Anna have a treat awaiting them in the series’ annual Christmas special: guest appearances by Shirley MacLaine as Cora’s mother, Martha Levinson; and Paul Giamatti as Harold Levinson, Cora’s playboy brother.

“Downton Abbey: Season 4” will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on Jan. 28 from PBS Distribution. “Downton Abbey” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on PBS.


Chemistry Movies

Hi everyone! I have added productions stills and behind the scenes pictures of Lily in Chemistry (2012), a short film, here is the synopsis:

Johann, a brilliant young scientist, conspires with his friend Eric to perform a dangerous chemical experiment with an exhilarating goal: the secret of eternal life. Their fraternal relationship is tested to the limit by the addition to their duo of the beautiful, capricious Ines.

For the past few days I have updated the gallery with several missing photos and screencaptures, and I still have some stuff to add, so keep an eye on it! And one more thing, the site has a new main domain so, please make sure to bookmark instead of (and to change the URL if you are an affiliate). Thank you!

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Downton Abbey Television

2 more ‘Downton Abbey’ season 4 have been added to the gallery!

Television Productions > Downton Abbey (2012-2013) > Season 4 > Promotional Pictures
Magazine scans

‘Downton Abbey’ is featured in the January 10, 2014 issue of Entertainment Weekly and I have added a scan with Lily as Lady Rose.

Magazine scans Photoshoots

Back in 2012, Lily was featured in the July issue of Times LUXX magazine. I have added a scan and an outtake to the gallery.

Magazine Scans > 2012 > Times LUXX (July)
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Downton Abbey Television

Sorry for the late, I hope you all enjoy your holidays! I’ve finally added HD screen captures of the Christmas Special of ‘Downton Abbey’!

Television Productions > Downton Abbey (2012-2013) > Season 4 > Episode Screencaps > Episode #4.9 – Christmas Special
Downton Abbey Television

1. It’s not Christmas for the Crawleys
So don’t expect a table wobbling under the weight of Mrs Patmore’s Christmas dinner. There will be no elaborate Christmas trees, carols around the Christmas tree or proposals in the snow. Boo!

The episode won’t be set amongst the autumn leaves or in the first flushes of spring either… it’ll be high summer. There will be sunny picnics. The gang will even visit the beach. The beach. On December 25. While we are all chilly, bloated from too much turkey and trying to stop humming Jingle Bells. All I can say is you’d better not go killing anyone off, Fellowes.

2. On that note, nobody is going to die.
Apparently. Downton’s executive producer Liz Trubridge has said “Nobody dies” so you can eat those Quality Street safe in the knowledge that your stomach isn’t going to be turned by any car crashes, dangerous births or ruthless murders.

Then again. If someone was going to pop their clogs, would the Downton Abbey team ruin the surprise and tell us? We’d keep the tissues handy just in case…
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Cinderella Interviews Movies

Sizzling Downton Abbey star Lily James was involved in a blazing drama of a different kind during the filming of Disney’s live-action Cinderella extravaganza when a sumptuous wedding gown she was wearing caught fire.

The 24-year-old had been shooting a scene at Pinewood studios. The bridal dress — with its voluminous skirts, three miles of hemming and covered in Swarovski crystals — is a work of art in its own right. It covers so much square footage the actress can’t always see what’s in front of her.

She was led into her dressing room (a large tent in a corner of the vast 007 sound stage) and her hem brushed against a heater and began smouldering.

‘It had turned really cold and someone had put a three-bar heater a bit too close to where Lily was going to sit on a stool,’ explained distinguished costume designer Sandy Powell.

‘Luckily, just a segment of the silk dress got burnt. Thank God Lily wasn’t harmed,’ added Powell who has collected three Oscars and two Baftas for her screen creations.
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