I have added 5 high quality stills of Lily in episode #4.4 of ‘Downton Abbey’.

Thanks to farfarawaysite, I have added a lot more high quality stills of Lily in episode #4.2 of ‘Downton Abbey’. Make sure to take a look!

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I have added HD screen captures of Lily as Lady Rose MacClare in yesterday’s episode of ‘Downton Abbey’.

Television Productions > Downton Abbey (2012-2013) > Season 4 > Episode Stills > Episode #4.3

Actress Lily James is equally enthusiastic. She was in a cafe when she found out the part of Lady Rose would be returning for the new series: ‘I somehow managed to spill my drink I was so excited,’ she smiles.

‘At first, it was scary to be joining a show that is so brilliant and wonderful and that everyone loves. But within the fi rst episode, I began to feel a part of it. Everyone is so generous and warm.’

Twenty-four-year-old Lily has particularly valued the friendship of Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary. ‘I don’t know what I would have done without her. We went to the same drama school and she has been giving me lots of help and advice. She is great at keeping a sense of humour about it all.’

(…) His admiration is shared by Lily James. ‘I think Dame Maggie is one of the greatest actresses ever. To be with her on set, watching her, is a gift for any young actress.’


High quality stills from episode three of ‘Downton Abbey’ have been added to the gallery.

Television Productions > Downton Abbey (2012-2013) > Season 4 > Episode Stills > Episode #4.3

UPDATE: Our friends at Bleeding Cool report new “Cinderella” Lily James is also in the mix, and Stone is unlikely to take the role despite repeated overtures from the studio.

Emma Stone and Margot Robbie are the newest names linked to Warner Bros’ back-on “Tarzan” reboot starring Alexander Skarsgard, according to Variety. Christoph Waltz is now being eyed for the film’s villain role as well.

The film is still awaiting a greenlight, though producers and director David Yates are expecting it to come in November with a planned summer start date, and are putting together the cast to present to the studio. Jessica Chastain had previously been sought for the Jane role but she’s probably a little too busy these days, so Robbie and Stone are reportedly among the actresses now being considered. No negotiations have begun with any of them yet, however. The new version of the Edward Rice Burroughs’ tale is set years after Tarzan has reintegrated back into human society. One day, “he’s asked by Queen Victoria to investigate the goings-on in the Congo. Tarzan teams with an ex-mercenary named George Washington Williams to save the Congo from a fierce warlord who controls a massive diamond mine.” Samuel L. Jackson was previously reportedly being eyed for the role of the mercenary, though there’s no mention of him in the new report.

Warner Bros is clearly high on rising star Robbie, the Aussie newcomer who headlined shortlived ABC series “Pan Am.” Not only does she play the female lead in Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” opposite Leonardo Dicaprio, they also recently cast her for the female lead role in grifter rom com “Focus” opposite Will Smith. Stone is always in demand and lands high profile roles left and right. After wrapping a reprisal of Gwen Stacy in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” she headed off to France to film Woody Allen’s latest film opposite Colin Firth, and is next scheduled to do Cameron Crowe’s “Deep Tiki” opposite Bradley Cooper.


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Downton Abbey star Lily James has revealed Lady Rose is about to shake things up at the estate and help the Crawley family gradually come out of mourning for Matthew as they move on with their lives.

The young aristocrat has recently come to stay with the family and wants to use the opportunity to really let her hair down. But she might find that’s a little tricky at first…

“Rose is a bit of a rule breaker, I think she’s quite angry. She’s been restrained and had all these rules since she was a tiny girl, and she just wants to live life and behave in a way she’s seeing other girls do,” Lily explained in an exclusive interview with stv.tv.

“There was this move of the flapper and partying and she wants to follow suit but in the wrong environment.”

The young star continued: “Rose is so happy to escape Scotland, but obviously she’s come into a house that’s in mourning, and it’s really sad. Rose really had a soft spot for Matthew Crawley, she felt an alliance with him. So all of them are affected. The feeling is weighted and miserable.”
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I’ve finally added HD screen captures of Lily in ‘Chloe and Will’s Hot Date Night’, a short film produced by Catsnake for Friends of the Earth and released in 2011.

Will can’t believe his luck when the stunning Chloe agrees to come back to his place for a cup of coffee. But once there, the evening doesn’t go quite as planned when he discovers that Chloe finds “turning off” a turn-on.

After US President Barack Obama’s declaration that home insulation “is sexy stuff”, Friends of the Earth tasked us to demonstrate this in a film promoting their ‘Warm Homes’ energy efficiency campaign. Once released, the video went on to accumulate over one million views on YouTube.