Lily and ‘Downton Abbey’ co-star Laura Carmichael have answered a few questions, followed by a beautiful photoshoot together for Naked Undies. Enjoy!

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1. If you had to walk a mile in someone’s shoes, whose shoes would you wear or whose would they be?
Lily James: I’d dance in Elvis Presley’s shoes.
Laura Carmichael: Miuccia Prada, obvs.

2. One thing you cannot live without?
LJ: My brothers and my Burberry trench coat (I live in rainy England!).
LC: Mascara, iPhone, coffee … oh, that’s three … hmm iPhone.

3. Guilty pleasure?
LJ: Fried chicken and lots of ketchup after a night out.
LC: Watching The Bachelor, so wrong it’s right.

4. What is on your nightstand?
LJ: Pens that usually don’t work and a diary
and earplugs.
LC: Don’t really have a night stand just rest books and essentials on giant stack of Vogue magazines.

5. Tell us something no one would expect about you?
LJ: I suck my thumb.
LC: I love spicy food. I’ve been known to have hot sauce with my breakfast.

6. Favorite designer d’jour?
LJ: Dolce & Gabbana and how they dress women with curves
LC: Amazingly talented British Designer (and just the nicest man you’ll ever meet), Christopher Kane.

7. Pup or purr?
LJ: Cat – I have one named Coco after Coco Chanel and she’s perrrrrrrfect.
LC: Pups, for sure

8. Who are you grooving to on your iPod?
LJ: Grooving to Laura Marling in the bath.
M: Loving the new Daft Punk album.

9. Current celeb crush?
LJ: Amy Adams. Saw enchanted for the first time recently – she is diverse and brilliant.
LC: Always the Gosling (Ryan). Mega hot.

10. How do you get naked?
LJ: Naked Undies bed shirts are like heaven and the robes are soft and sexy too!
LC: I’m living in my new Naked Undies robe. It’s the softest, sexiest thing.


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