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Downton Abbey star Lily James has revealed Lady Rose is about to shake things up at the estate and help the Crawley family gradually come out of mourning for Matthew as they move on with their lives.

The young aristocrat has recently come to stay with the family and wants to use the opportunity to really let her hair down. But she might find that’s a little tricky at first…

“Rose is a bit of a rule breaker, I think she’s quite angry. She’s been restrained and had all these rules since she was a tiny girl, and she just wants to live life and behave in a way she’s seeing other girls do,” Lily explained in an exclusive interview with stv.tv.

“There was this move of the flapper and partying and she wants to follow suit but in the wrong environment.”

The young star continued: “Rose is so happy to escape Scotland, but obviously she’s come into a house that’s in mourning, and it’s really sad. Rose really had a soft spot for Matthew Crawley, she felt an alliance with him. So all of them are affected. The feeling is weighted and miserable.”

Luckily it looks like the character eventually manages to inject some light-hearted fun back into the Crawleys’ lives, with Lily adding: “Slowly I think Rose gets itchy feet and wants to have fun and encourages the others to do that too.”

Lily is still a fairly new addition to Downton Abbey, and said working with such an established cast, that includes Dame Maggie Smith and Shirley MacClaine, has really helped her to develop her craft – despite being a nerve-wracking prospect.

“It’s totally intimidating, you’re meeting your idols and people you’ve watched growing up. I don’t think it’ll ever become easy or normal. I hope it doesn’t anyway, I think it’s good to maintain that awe.”

Lily added: “I’m too shy to ask for tips outright but definitely by watching and soaking up and learning what they do I’ve learned so much.

“[For example] Maggie Smith, she’s very open to whatever you want to ask if you do.”



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