TVRAGE – Whilst attending the official press launch for the new series, I was able to catch up with Lily James and find out more about the show and learn her views as to why she thinks the show is so popular.

Downton Abbey is back on itv on Sunday, September 21st at 9pm.

Can we expect any romance for Rose this year?
Maybe, I’m very coy about this. The girls used to find a man, start a life and that was your future. That is inevitably part of Rose’s journey this year.

Can we expect some new alliances this year?
I think there are lots of alliances that build this year and Lady Rose and Lady Mary have a lovely relationship that gets even more strong. Rose really feels Branson and really wants to encourage him to be his own man and put two fingers up to the family. That storyline is really fun to play.

Now that you are starring to appear in films do you think your career will go off in another direction?
It is weird because I don’t feel like it going to change but maybe that is naive. I fell like that you keep plodding along and the best thing about all of this is I’m getting work and as an actor that is all you want.

Do you think you will be back on the show next year?
We never know if there is going to be a sixth series until this one has aired and I hope to be doing the next series if it happens. I love playing Lady Rose and if there is another series next year I would be excited to be in it.

Can you see Downton Abbey going up to the start of the second world war?
I hope so but the problem is I wonder how old we will all be. It would be so interesting to know what happens to the family, it would fell tragic to stop because you want to know how they are going to turn out.

Are you surprised by the international success of the show?
I am not surprised anymore. I joined the show when it was already successful but it was bizarre. It is amazing that people can relate to it all the world. It’s amazing to watch time in our history, it is snap shot of our past. Also the characters are so likable and lovable and you can really relate to them no matter where you are from.

Do you find you get recognised a lot?
A bit, I look quite different from my character in real life and we get it when we are all out together and there is a bit of a frenzy.

Do you think the American fans are more fanatical than the British ones?
Yes they are. I went to New York in May and people were much more vocal. I think it is because they talk louder.

Have you got any souvenirs from the set?
I’m always trying to steal my jewelry and I want to burn my wig as I hate it. I do often wear the jewelry home by accident.


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