GLAMOUR – When we met Lily James as jazz-loving, booze-drinking Cousin Rose on Downton Abbey, it was like a disco ball had been plopped down amid all that tweed and china: Suddenly the Crawley household was much more fun. So we’re looking forward to seeing the Brit play the real belle of the ball in this month’s live-action film Cinderella. James kicks back with Glamour to talk about stepping into those famous glass slippers.

GLAMOUR: You’re about to be known as Cinderella to a whole new generation of little girls—no pressure! How does it feel?
LILY JAMES: The pressure is terrifying! I think the fears I have are similar to what the character would feel, though, because really, she’s just a girl thrust into this world.

GLAMOUR: So is Prince Charming really out there?
LJ: As cynical as I can be, there’s always a part of me that believes in love and the fairy tale. But what I like about this film is that Prince Charming doesn’t just rescue a damsel in distress—it’s about two people who make each other better. That’s the fairy tale.

GLAMOUR: It must have been surreal to wear the glass slippers.…
LJ: My foot was actually CGI’d into the glass slipper. It was made out of Swarovski crystal, and I was always terrified I’d drop it! I have big, ugly feet, so luckily I had a foot double.

GLAMOUR: You’re often in period pieces on-screen. Are you getting used to all the costumes?
LJ: No, it’s always a big relief to get out of period clothes at the end of the day. They’re like a mask—you put on these beautiful dresses and feel like a completely different person…because trust me, in real life I’m a massive slob!


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