TV3 – Lily James says it will take her “whole life” to process her dad’s death.
The ‘Cinderella’ star tragically lost her father when she was just 19-years-old but admits she did gain strength from her bereavement.

She said: “He had cancer. That’s sort of why my experience of drama school is pretty unique – it happened whilst I was there. I think that will take the whole of my life (to process his death).”

“I had a scene (in ‘Cinderella) where I was told my dad had died, so it was really hard, but I feel what’s important in the film is that Cinderella gains strength from her loss and that was something I could… That was in me. It’s s**t (not having him around).”

And Lily, 25, only has fond memories of her father.

She added: “He was just a big kid. I always remember we’d get bored first building sandcastles.”

Meanwhile, the actress also admitted to being mischievous when she was younger.

When asked how she was naughty as a child, she told The Sunday Times’ Style magazine: “Mainly in underage drinking – and boys! I am a hard worker, though, so when it came to revising I was a massive geek.”

And when questioned about still being crazy about boys now, she added: “Yeah, maybe that’s why I like princesses. There’s nothing wrong with falling in love and sharing your life with someone.”


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