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GLAMOUR – When Cinderella’s Lily James came to GLAMOUR HQ to be a colleague for the day, we sat the leading lady down to talk all things beauty. From the products she loves to the best industry tips she’s picked up, here’s Lily James’ beauty 101…

GLAMOUR: What are your three skincare essentials?
Lily James: I basically love to cleanse, tone, moisturise. I love the Liz Earle’s cleanser polish with the towel. At the moment I’m using a Natura Bissé toner, I think they’re really good, and the moisturiser would be the Sisley Rose Oil.

Who is your beauty icon?
Keira Knightley, I think she’s beautiful, I love her.

What does your daily beauty regime consist of?
Well I’ve actually recently changed it, because I was cleansing and moisturising morning and night, but I think it’s too much for your skin, and you want to keep the natural oils. So now I do it in the evening, and in the morning I just use this Diamond Mist moisturiser, which is Natura Bissé as well, or there’s a Dior Maximiser Glow Beauty Balm, just to give you a bit of moisture.

And how do you put on your make-up?
Haphazardly (laughs). I’ll wear a really light tinted moisturiser, I use a Clinique one, and then I just put on mascara and blusher.

So the next question was, do you stick to one brand? Obviously not!
Well I really don’t, and I think it’s really good to keep changing, because your skin gets used to stuff.

What are five staple products you always have in your make-up bag?
Lancome mascara, they’ve got lots of different brushes so you can do lots of different looks. A really nice lip balm, Burt’s Bees always seems to work. Then I’ll have my Charlotte Tilbury compact, it’s in a little gold compact, and it’s got the gold shimmer and the pink, and you can use it on your cheeks, on your lips, on your eyes, and you’re good to go. I love a Dior blusher that comes with a sponge, you dab it on, it’s like soft, liquidy and for lips, the Le Rouge Coco Shine.

Do you do stuff with your brows?
I don’t do anything with my brows.

You’ve got really good brows!
Yeah (laughs), they used to be really thin and then I grew them out and I was like “wow!”, my face isn’t so round anymore.

If you could only select skincare product and one make-up item that you couldn’t live without what would they be?
Oh gosh, I can’t choose one (laughs)! Okay, the skincare would definitely be Beauty Balm Flash, I like the Clarins one, I also like the Charlotte Tilbury one. And then make-up, I’d take a mascara.

What is the best piece of beauty advice you’ve ever been given?
Ooh, that’s good. Keep everything fresh and young. Nothing too heavy.

If you’re going for a night-time look, what feature do you like to play up most?
I love putting on a red lip. I don’t do it so much for events, somehow I don’t seem to get it right, but when I just go to the pub or to a restaurant or something, I just put a red lip on. [I love that] you can wear the same outfit and then you’re suddenly [ready for the evening].

What is your favourite colour of nail polish?
Probably a dark, blacky colour, like a dark purple – plum.

And dark colours make your nails look bigger.
Yeah, and nude is harder to do yourself, you can’t see all the streaks.

Do you ever sleep with your make-up on?
Never! Ever, ever. I don’t even wear that much make-up, but I like the feeling of my skin breathing.

Are there any make-up trends that you think really need to die out?
Although I kind of love the fake tanning, I remember when I was at boarding school, there were some girls, and when they turned their trackie bottoms over, you’d just see orange all over it, and their crop tops, the white tops, you’d just see orange tinge. I want to play that character though. Also because I had very thin eyebrows, I don’t like them, I’ve liked getting thicker.

Has anyone ever done your make-up for an event or premiere and you’ve just looked in the mirror and gone, “Oh my God, I hate it”?
It’s usually my own fault when that happens. [For example I went to] Italy and they tend to put heavier make-up on there, when I’m getting it, I’m like “yeah, get it on” (laughs) but then I realise in hindsight it’s maybe too much. But that’s what I think make-up artists always say, that it’s good to keep it bright and fresh and focus on either the eye or the lip.


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