TV3 – Lily James felt inspired playing Cinderella.

Lily James was bowled over by Cinderella’s truthful retelling of the classic story.

The British actress plays the title role in the sumptuous film, which is favourite among both children and adults.
Most little girls want to be princesses when they grow up and Lily jumped at the chance to portray one. She particularly loved playing someone so inspiring.

“I think it’s sort of what we were talking about; this strength can come from within, this dignified strength and grace and also that in doing so she finds such joy and happiness in her life regardless of her situation, even if it’s just talking to little Gus Gus [mouse],” Lily smiled to Cover Media. “But when I read the script I was sort of bowled over by the fact that it was such a truthful retelling of the fairytale without any tricks or twists really. It felt really strong and a girl I really wanted to play, and [I] felt inspired playing her.”

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, Cinderella boats an A-list cast including Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter and Richard Madden.

The theme of empowerment wasn’t lost on Kenneth, who embraced the message and hopes others will to.

“It feels as though it’s a different kind of empowerment but I think that it is empowerment and I think that she makes proactive choices. Even if those choices are sometimes to be thoughtful and to be considerate. So it’s a question maybe of reconsidering the notions of action and empowerment,” Kenneth mused.


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