Lily is Harper’s Bazaar Arabia‘s cover girl for their last issue of 2016 and as promised, digital scans have been added to our gallery. Check them out and enjoy!

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When there is a new photoshoot, it’s always great news and we’re definitely not disappointed as Lily looks absolutely beautiful for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. She is on the cover of this month issue and outtakes have been released. We will add the scans as soon as they become available so please, make sure to follow us on twitter to be the first to know. Enjoy the pretty!

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“In Cinderella we really wanted her to be a strong heroine in charge of her own destiny despite adversity. She lived by her mother’s words ‘have courage and be kind and all will be well’. And that allowed her to be in charge of her happiness and to try and rise above the cruelty. I think that’s a beautiful message. These classic princesses are often also free-spirited, brave, kind and long for more from life then what is conventionally planned for them, and that’s much more important for young girls then the part about the handsome prince saving the day.”

“There is also nothing wrong with old fairy tale romance. You just want to have both. You must always follow your heart and your own dreams, and you don’t need a prince for that.”

“I’d like to do something totally different, modern, more raw and stripped back. It’s important to keep challenging yourself and pushing yourself in different directions, then you have to start really using your imagination so you’re not just relying on what you know and your own instincts. I want to feel terrified and totally out of my depth in my next role.”

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Lily graces the cover of The Telegraph magazine (november 19) featuring a new photoshoot that you can find here and the behind the scenes video is in our previous post. Scans have been added to the gallery, check them out!

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THE TELEGRAPH – hen Lily James was a schoolgirl, years before she turned into Cinderella – and prior to causing trouble at Downton Abbey – she wore an outfit so vile it near enough put her off trying to look glamorous for life.

‘Oh God, it was horrendous,’ she mutters solemnly, before burying her head in her hands at the very recollection. ‘I shared a birthday party with some friends, a disco in the village hall, and we all decided it’d be appropriate to wear pink dresses. Except they weren’t really dresses, they were basically patent-leather miniskirts with awful heels. I have no idea why our parents ever let us go out like that.’

‘From that moment on, I went to everything in casual [clothes]. I gave up heels, and spent the rest of my teens trying to be the most underdressed at any party. I think I wore the whole glamour thing out early, to be honest, and all in one go.’

We’re sitting outside James’s local café on a street corner in north London. She lives just down the road, and today looks decidedly as if the pain of patent-pink-leather-dress-gate might still be raw: chocolate-brown hair bunched in a messy half-topknot, charcoal denim dungarees, a stripy T-shirt and hi-top Converse trainers. Not a wisp of fuchsia in sight.

‘My personal style is still to look fairly, um, effortless,’ the 27-year-old says, glancing down at herself. ‘I never want to look as though I’ve tried too hard. I do love dressing up in costume and learning about clothes from designers these days – I can completely see the artistry in it now.’

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BURO – irected by Asif Kapadia and reimagining key events that shaped the company’s history and values, The Tale of Thomas Burberry captures the brand’s 160-year history and the story of its founder in just three minutes. Starring the likes of Domhnall Gleeson as founder Thomas Burberry, seasoned actress Sienna Miller as his fictional first love, Dominic West as Sir Ernest Shackleton (who wore Burberry gabardine for his three Antarctic expeditions in reality), the fashion film brought to life historic moments — including, Thomas’s invention of the weatherproof gabardine, dressing the military, and outfitting polar explorers and pilots.

But, it’s really actress Lily James that we have our eyes on. She who plays the maverick Betty Dawson, a character inspired by the real life achievements of Betty Kirby-Green, the pilot who broke the world record for a return flight from England to Cape Town in 1937 — in an airplane named ‘The Burberry’, no less. I met James at the Claridge’s Hotel in Mayfair London just before her appearance at the launch party on Regent Street, and the English beauty is every bit the gorgeous girl you see in that steamy My Burberry ad campaign. She’s perched across me with the very same red lipstick she wore in the film, a Military Red from the Burberry Beauty lipstick collection. When told that I’m from Singapore, she exclaimed, “My mum lived there when she was growing up, because my granddad was in the RAF and she went wherever he did. He was stationed there for awhile. I really want to go to Singapore. I need to.”

Enigmatic and earnest, the 27-year-old actress who appears in the drama series Downtown Abbey and in movies such as Cinderella, is fast becoming an English style star — just like every Burberry girl before her. In our exclusive conversation with James, she chats about working alongside Sienna Miller, her journey with Burberry, and of course, the plans she has for the Christmas holidays.

Describe the energy on set working with Dominic, Sienna and Domhnall and director Asif Kapadia.
Sienna is such an amazingly warm and friendly person and I really sort of look up to her. It was exciting to have the chance to work with her and watch her on set acting. She is so beautiful in this film. It was a whole bunch of actors that I really look up to and was so happy to be able to work with them. It was just a real privilege.

You were wearing pieces that were closely based on the Burberry Heritage Archive of pilot Betty Kirby-Green. What was it like to breathe new life into Burberry’s iconic heritage pieces?
It was really wonderful as we approach the scenes as if they were a normal drama, so it felt like a costume that so happened to be Burberry. It was incredibly beautiful and well made. I felt lucky to wear for example, the trench she’s in at the train station. It was custom made and was based on the trenches of the time. It was cool to put a twist on the classic Burberry trench.

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Full interview of Lily on “Lorraine”. Enjoy!