High quality stills and additional promotional pictures of Lily in the very last episode of ‘Downton Abbey’ Christmas Special have been added to the gallery. (Thanks to FFA)

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A new promotional picture featuring the whole cast of ‘War and Peace’ can be found in our gallery, thanks to FFA.

Following our previous post, we added digital scans of Lily in the January 2016 issue of Harper’s Bazaar (UK) magazine including beautiful pictures and interview from the cast of ‘War and Peace’.

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Thanks to Far Far Away, we’ve added in the gallery new HQ production stills from Lily’s new drama War and Peace. Be sure to check them!

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UPI – The small-screen adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s 1869 novel War & Peace will be simulcast in the United States on Jan. 18 on Lifetime, A&E and History.

The four-week, television event stars Paul Dano, Lily James, James Norton, Jim Broadbent and Gillian Anderson. The collaboration from BBC Cymru Wales Drama, The Weinstein Co., BBC Worldwide/Lookout Point and Lifetime was penned by Andrew Davies and directed by Tom Harper.

“A thrilling tale of love, war, and family, War & Peace is widely considered the greatest novel ever written,” a synopsis said.

“Set against the backdrop of Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, War & Peace is the ultimate story of passion and romance, scandal and deceit, following the rise and fall of fortunes of five aristocratic families — the Bezukhovs, Bolkonskys, Rostovs, Kuragins, and Drubetskoys — all jockeying for top position in the waning days of imperial Russia.”

HARPER’S BAZAAR – There has been an invasion of Russia. The imperial palace of Gatchina outside St Petersburg has been overrun by a motley army that has brought its own field kitchens, transports and baggage trains in its wake. Men in Hussar uniforms stride purposefully by, horses champ and stamp, and serfs dressed in woven-leather slippers look on.

But this is no Napoleonic conquest. The BBC has descended in force, breathing new life into War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy’s sweeping story of Russian society during the early years of the 19th century.

‘We wrap tomorrow,’ says Lily James, fresh from her roles as Lady Rose in Downton Abbey and Cinderella in the Disney fairy tale. Now she is playing Natasha Rostova, the bewitching young countess at the heart of the novel. Natasha loves, and is loved by, many of the other characters – not only her sprawling family but a succession of variously eligible young men. James herself was not proof against Natasha’s mercurial charm. ‘I had a lot of time to read the book and totally fell in love with Natasha,’ she says as she sits patiently in a make-up trailer, wearing a white T-shirt and ripped black jeans, while her hair is plaited, primped and transformed into an empire style.

‘She’s got such spirit, such soul, and feels things so intensely and extravagantly. At times I can be like her. There’s a description of her first ball at her dancing teacher’s house and it says she falls in love with every person in the room. She’s so open to the world and her heart is so big. I think I fell in love with everyone when I was growing up too, and my friends say I do fall in love really easily.’ The BBC team spent time in Vilnius in Lithuania as well as in Russia and was granted unprecedented access to film the young Countess Rostova’s first real ball in Empress Catherine’s palace. ‘That’s where the Tsar’s ball actually happened,’ explains James. ‘Being in that room with a Russian orchestra playing the music… those are some of the most breathtaking moments I’ve had filming. They made my hair stand on end.’

A new promotional poster for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has just been released and it looks great! Be sure to check it in our gallery:

And together with the poster, they released a new trailer that can be watched below: