E!ONLINE – Have you noticed a special fashion statement on Lily James?

No, it’s not her gorgeous dress from her upcoming movie Cinderella. And it doesn’t have to do with that famous glass slipper.

Instead, it’s her rings she continues to wear on that all-important finger. So, does she have some news to share about her relationship with boyfriend Matt Smith? “No engagement yet,” she told E! News while enjoying tea at the Montage Hotel with Ali Fedotowsky. “It’s just that I have quite chunky fingers and the lovely, beautiful diamond rings only fit [on my wedding finger] and I didn’t not want to wear it.” She added, “I’m not very superstitious. I always wear a ring on that finger.”

During the Milan premiere of Cinderella last week, James and her main man made their first official appearance as a couple. Their romance was confirmed when they were caught kissing back in October.

When the time comes for any proposal, however, James joked that she hopes things go a little different. Think Disney Princess different. “I also joke instead of put a ring on it, put a slipper on it,” she explained. “When I get proposed to, I want someone to show up with a glass slipper.” You taking notes, Smith?!

In the meantime, James is focused on her busy film career that also includes an upcoming role in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies with Suki Waterhouse. “I have no time to do anything other than work at the moment, but it was really cool to get to know Suki,” she confessed to E! News. “She’s really cool.”

Several scans of Lily in the March issue of Vanity Fair Italia have been added to the gallery.

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I have replaced MQ portraits of Lily, Richard Madden and Kenneth Branagh for ‘Cinderella’ with high quality ones. Many thanks to Kikky for the pictures!

Lily & Richard discuss portraying Prince Charming and Ella in Disney’s ‘Cinderella’. How much planning went into their onscreen kiss.

Lily and Richard talk bringing Disney’s ‘Cinderella’ to life. When did they meet during the pre-production process.

W MAGAZINE – This past December, Lily James was lying on a beach in Jamaica, recuperating. It was the only sane way to end a year during which the actress shot a season of Downton Abbey and three films, including Cinderella, in which she plays the title role opposite Cate Blanchett’s evil stepmother, out March 13. “I can finally talk to you like a human being,” she said over the phone. “Before I got here, I felt like a weird, twisted version of myself.”
In conversation, James comes off as ?a combination of Lady Rose MacClare, the impulsive mischief-maker at Downton, and her earnest, straight-arrow Disney character. “As a child, I loved fairy tales and princesses,” James, 25, recalled. “But a lot of people think they’re not great role models for kids: aspiring toward just marriage or a man…” She trailed off, realizing she was quite possibly biting the hand that just gave her career a huge boost. “But I feel like in the film we try to focus on a message of strength and kindness as a way to live your life.”
Growing up in Surrey, England, James sang and performed, but she never went the Shakespeare and ?Jane Austen route—that is, until she arrived at drama school when she ?was 18. “My head exploded. I became ?a massive geek.” Like many British actresses, she’s wary of being typecast in period dramas, but a corseted Tiffany-blue gown was unavoidable for Cinderella’s grand entrance at the ball. “It was so ?tight, I could only eat soup,” she said, laughing. “I basically spent most of that scene burping.”

Lily, Richard Madden and Kenneth Branagh posed for a portrait session during press day for ‘Cinderella’. Unfortunately, they are in MQ but I will try to replace them with high quality ones as soon as I can.

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