Lily and her ‘Cinderella’ co-star Richard Madden appear in the third part of a short film directed by Jason Bell for Vanity Fair’s annual Hollywood portfolio. Make sure to watch the video below!

The British are indeed coming, and Jason Bell is helping to orchestrate the charge. The London-born photographer, whose work appears frequently in Vanity Fair, had the idea to shoot an all-U.K. edition of the magazine’s annual Hollywood portfolio after observing that “this British invasion of Hollywood has gotten so out of hand.”

For the first time ever, this year’s 30-page portfolio—featuring no fewer than 44 Blighty icons, from Eddie Redmayne to Dame Judi Dench—comes accompanied by a short film, directed by Bell and viewable right here on The film, told in three parts, depicts the Brits “Preparing for War” (above), then “Coming to America” to infiltrate the film industry.

Given the number of British actors nominated for Academy Awards this year, the title of the third film should come as no surprise: “Victory Is Assured.”



COMINGSOON – Starring in one of the most anticipated releases of 2015, Lily James has a lot to be thankful for. The 25-year-old actress from the United Kingdom is on an upward trajectory the likes of which only a few will ever experience.

Aside from Cinderella, James appears in a recurring role as Lady Rose MacClare on the BBC smash, Downton Abbey, as well as television’s “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” as the loveable roommate of Billie Piper’s Belle. In addition to notable television credits and appearances, Lily James recently appeared in feature films such as Fast Girls, Broken, and Wrath of the Titans. ?

The lead actress will continue to work with additional starring roles in the zombie-themed reboot of “Pride and Prejudice” – aptly titled Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – as well as taking on the lead role of Natasha Rostova in the BBC’s new period peace mini-series “War and Peace.”

The Cinderella role is indeed the largest of her career to date, and the weight of the iconic figure isn’t lost on James. According to the newest Cinderella, “It’s terrifying, because it’s such a big act to follow. There are so many iconic moments in the film that we have to do justice to.”

While initial artwork, as well as the trailer for the film, shows Lily looking ravishing as the leading lady, the role was initially earmarked for Emma Watson, who turned it down. That said, James certainly looked the part in the movie posters released as promotional items for the film, as well as initial artwork, and a few press photos featuring her wearing a period gown while riding a horse. While James is fitting for the character, we’re left to wonder about what could have been with Emma Watson as the lead. Watson will now instead play Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

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Cinderella Movies Videos

Cinderella Movies Videos

Magazine scans

Thanks to Claudia, I’ve added one high quality scan from Vantage magazine February 2015.

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Cinderella Movies

Added one new ‘Cinderella’ promotional picture used previously for a poster, but that you can now find without text.

Downton Abbey Television

I have finally added HD screencaptures of Lily in the Christmas Special episode of ‘Downton Abbey’ season five.

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In this video, Lily shows her support to Silent Treatment‘s director/writer, Mark Lobatto’s new project ‘Blue Borsalino’. Click here for more information.